[ut2003io] 2225 for Linux...

Aenth Wind aen at rednights.com
Thu Apr 24 01:44:06 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 21:24, Matthew Arnold wrote:

> FWIW, I reinstalled UT2K3 from scratch and used the auto-updater to upgrade 
> to 2225. Everything worked great with Mandrake 9.1. No more glibc problems. 
> Huzzah!
> Matt

I had tried manually updating my system and i thought it worked out, i
joined a server (not sure if it was an updated server though) and it
went smoothly.  just to try and make it all kosher i did a clean install
and ran the updater.  it opened a terminal and sent a kill, that was
it.  im fairly new to linux so i dont know where to start to think the
problem would be.  ill just have to manually update it again :/
im running redhat 9, btw.

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