[ut2003io] [OT] Linux version of Unreal2

^(o,o)^ Turk2000 acnrvi at tin.it
Sun Apr 20 17:45:11 EDT 2003

On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Ryan C. Gordon said me 8-)

 #-ryan -# So there are no plans at this moment for an Unreal 2 port. Then again, I
 #-ryan -# flat out lied when someone asked about Devastation on this list, so you
 #-ryan -# never know what might show up in the future. :)
 #-ryan -#
 #-ryan -# (But no, really, I have no plans to port it right now.)

 Well, then Unreal2 port there will be, thank you very much, Ryan! :-)


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