[ut2003io] [OT] Linux version of Unreal2

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sun Apr 20 11:11:15 EDT 2003

> Sorry for this slightly OT question, but does anyone know if there will be a 
> Linux version of Unreal 2? IMO it shouldn't be that hard for Epic to build 
> one, since the entire Unreal Warfare engine is running on Linux already.

Unreal 2 is actually quite a bit different than (say) ut2003. First, it 
is based on Warfare 829. The final Unreal Tournament version was "436", 
and UT2003 is currently at around "2225"...the numbers are somewhat 
arbitrary, but Linux client support is pretty much non existant between 
  436 and when I came in to work on ut2003, and would take a lot of 
mangling to wedge some of my work in there.

Secondly, even if 829 was ported, there's a LOT of original code in U2 
that would need to be ported. One of the Unreal licensees asked about 
access to the U2 code changes, and was told it would be "the Diff from 

In short, porting it is not trivial, regardless of the engine.

So there are no plans at this moment for an Unreal 2 port. Then again, I 
flat out lied when someone asked about Devastation on this list, so you 
never know what might show up in the future. :)

(But no, really, I have no plans to port it right now.)


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