Does ut2k3 Linux use Winsock ???

Johan Schuring johan at
Tue Apr 15 17:28:53 EDT 2003


Was looking in my UT2003.log where the httpredirection fails, to my surprise i get a
weird message, just look:

Log: Browse:
Init: Sockets: Socket queue 65536 / 65536
Log: Resolving
Log: Resolved (
ScriptLog: PlayerController::ProgressCommand menu:XInterface.UT2NetworkStatusMsg
Cancelled Connect Att
NetComeGo: Close TcpipConnection Tue Apr 15 23:19:38 2003
Exit: WinSock shut down
ScriptLog: GUIController::CloseMenu -  Package.ServerBrowser

The message --> Exit: WinSock shut down, is this for the Linux client ????

Weird....... maybe that's the reason why htppredirection in Linux won't work...


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