[ut2003io] radeon 9700 - all ATI users

Paul Berger sanepsycho at globaldialog.com
Fri Apr 4 14:06:39 EST 2003

I just installed the 2.9.6 fireGL drivers with my 9000 Pro and it went
from 4-8 FPS in areas of the IronDiety level to 18-34 in those same
areas now (worst is in the small room with the fans).

Big improvement for the drivers, just make sure you specify the fireGL
version when downloading or else you will get the 2.5.1 version.


On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 00:27, Neil Gower wrote:
> > >>>How do u start ut2003 when your not in a window manager?
> > >>>for instance...nox?
> To try to max out performance (I've got an 8500, also brutally slow on
> outdoor levels), I switch to a custom run-level config'd to run just
> about nothing, and then just run "xinit" which gives me an xterm and no
> window manager - pretty much as bare-bones as you can get.  :-)
> With RedHat at least, run level 4 is unused, so you can do whatever you
> like to it without mucking up your system.  Running "ntsysv --level 4"
> is an easy way to do the config, and then "init 4" to switch to that
> run-level (init 3 or 5 to get back to your regular console or X setup,
> respectively).
> If you haven't already, you should tell ATI about your experience with
> their drivers on their linux feedback site:
> http://apps.ati.com/linuxDfeedback/
> ... hopefully that will motivate them to resolve the issue.
> Cheers,
> Neil.

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