[ut2003io] TNT2 on Linux

Andy Mecham AMecham at nvidia.com
Mon Sep 30 16:16:05 EDT 2002

>Thanks. I paid $55 for the TNT2 card at CompUSA. Obviously I don't know
shit about graphics cards, 
>but then again, neither should the UT2003 README assume otherwise. That was
my point.

The README states that the minimum requirements are a GeForce 1 (aka GeForce
256) or better.

  Q: What's the minimum system I need to play this on?
  A: I develop (and play) on a 800MHz Pentium 3 with a GeForce 2 Ultra. I
     wouldn't want to play on less, but with this setup, the game gets a
     respectable framerate (the worst is about 15-20 FPS, but on most indoor
     scenes, we're talking about 25 to 40 FPS). The game is largely single
     threaded, but Ogg Vorbis decoding is done in a separate thread, which
     means you can get a _very_ slight speed boost from an SMP box.
     Generally, you should put more CPU and (more importantly) more graphics
     hardware in your box. The absolute low-end is probably a 600 MHz CPU
     a GeForce 1 with the detail and resolution turned _all_ the way down
     I wouldn't call that a good gaming experience). Reports of success and
     failure, and specific benchmarks, are more than welcome.


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