[ut2003io] Purchasing UT2003

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sun Sep 29 23:29:46 EDT 2002

Kevin Podbielniak wrote:
> I remember reading that the linux version will be on CD3 of the UT2k3 
> retail version.
> Can anyone who already has UT2k3 confirm this?

I put it on the ISO, so I'll confirm it.   :)

(btw, when you get it, the installer asks you to insert "play disc", 
"disc 1" and "disc 2"...it should be "play disc (disc 1)", "disc 2", 
"disc 3" ... there was a miscommunication at the last minute. It 
installs fine, but I figured I'd head off the bug report.  :)  )


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