[ut2003io] general linux mailing list

floam floam at enuff.org
Sun Sep 29 00:04:35 EDT 2002

im sure I have. Don't worry. I didnt join this mailing list just to be a 
lamer, i do run ut2k3 linux, but annoying people is one of my favorite 
past times.

or somthing.

Jesse Keating wrote:

>On Sat, 28 Sep 2002 20:44:04 -0700
>floam <floam at enuff.org> wrote:
># heh, actually its a flamebot script i wrote, itll repeat a certian
># prase a bunch of time and also add in random text in places (like
># cheese!) i just gotta test it somwhere, heh, sorry ill stop :)
>w00t!  I bet this idiot just landed on about 300 different bounce

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