[ut2003io] webadmin botching mutators: found and fixed.

ken3nuts ken3nuts at theshades.org.uk
Fri Sep 27 08:08:05 EDT 2002

cheers, that one has really been anoying me.


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From: "Ryan C. Gordon" <ryan at epicgames.com>
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Sent: Friday, September 27, 2002 12:51 PM
Subject: [ut2003io] webadmin botching mutators: found and fixed.

> I found it...pretty straightforward bug.
> WebAdmin's passing the index in the list of mutators to the server 
> instead of the string, so if xGame.BigHeadMutator was #3 in the list, 
> and you select it, it'll do "?mutator=3" instead of 
> "?mutator=xGame.BigHeadMutator", which obviously doesn't fly.
> Looks like this is in the retail version, too (CRAP!), but we'll put the 
> fix in the patch. Fun.
> Thanks, admins.
> --ryan.

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