[ut2003io] C-Dilla trojan in UT2003???

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Thu Sep 26 12:38:58 EDT 2002

QuarkExpress wrote:
> I don't know if this is true for the US demo, but in Germany the UT2003
> demo had a nice little trojan embedded in it called C-Dilla. I say
> trojan because it's malicious and doesn't uninstall when you uninstall
> the software it came with.
> For information on this anti-piracy trojan, go here:
> http://www.privacyandspying.com/privacy-c_dilla.html
> Damned scary.
> Anybody heard, seen, or can confirm this?

SafeDisc is in use by a number of different companies. Bioware ran into 
problems with this on Neverwinter Nights because it would cause GPFs on 
some systems with certain CD-RW drives. SafeDisc "protection" has been 
removed in the most recent NWN patch.

While I don't like the concept of SafeDisc at all, I think it's a bit 
extreme to label it as a "damned scary" trojan. I also don't know if 
this is even applicable to the Linux version, since everything I've read 
about SafeDisc seems to indicate that it is Windows-only. It would not 
surprise me if Epic is using this or some other copy-protection scheme.

<RANT>I've never been a big fan of any kind of CD copy protection. I 
understand why companies want to try to stop piracy and protect their 
products. However, hacks appear on the Internet sometimes even before 
the game hits shelves. All it ends up doing is inconveniencing 
legitimate users.</RANT>


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