patch requests and bug reports.

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Thu Sep 26 04:28:19 EDT 2002

...obviously, we're thinking about the first patch before the game hits 
shelves. (This is normal, I swear.  :)  ) As such, I'm starting to 
prioritize my TODO list.

If you've got a bug report for the _LINUX_ version of ut2003 demo, 
client or server, now is the time to be proactive.

Go to ... if it hasn't been reported 
already, please file a bug report. Requests for features you'd like are 
welcome in Bugzilla, too (although I don't promise they'll be granted). 
Generic game bugs entered in bugzilla are frequently passed on to the 
rest of the UT2003 devteam, even if they aren't Linux-specific.

There are a couple of important bugs that haven't made their way to 
bugzilla yet (such as the dedicated server memory leak!!!). I don't take 
notes about what is reported on the mailing lists, so if you want to be 
on my TODO list, PLEASE make a bugzilla entry.

I'm aware that Bugzilla doesn't have the best search features. If you 
don't see your bug/request in there, don't be afraid to report it. If 
it's a duplicate, I'll flag it as such: no big deal.

This message has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood 
Bearded Linux Hacker.


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