[ut2003io] SMP ?

Jon Erdman cio at progressivepractice.com
Mon Sep 23 23:31:06 EDT 2002

Go for the dualie rig, they rock :) and by the way, you don't have to 
get Athlon MPs. XPs will work fine, they're just not warrentyed for dual 
processor configs. The only difference between the XP and the MP is that 
the MPs are actually tested in dual config during assembly/test, along 
with all the regular tests that the XPs go through.

I'm running a Tyan Tiger MP (760MP not MPX) and dual XP 1600+s with no 
probs whatsoever. The Tyan even detects them as MPs, heh.

If you want confirmation, look on Anandtech, Tom's Hardware, 
forums.2cpu.com, etc. Hell, the 760MP would even run dual durons! (no 
longer true with the MPX)

It's pretty sweet to be able to rip a DVD to Divx at 25fps and play 
Quake3 at the same time with no drop in framerate :) dualies roXor!


NP wrote:
> Hi.
> I have machine including a 1GHz Athlon, plenty of RAM, GeForce4 Ti4200, 
> SBLive!
> I like the demo very much, but it suffers from a few slow downs in the 
> heat of battle (details at max, res. of 1280x, I think).
> I'm thinking of upgrading/replacing this box, and until I recently read 
> a posting (I think it was one of Ryan's) about a sound driver taking a 
> lot of CPU time on one CPU of an SMP machine, I had been assuming there 
> probably wasn't much merit in forking out for a dual CPU machine for the 
> sake of gaming.  But this post got me wondering.
> So I'm thinking along the lines of:
> a) Asus A7V333, Athlon XP2100+, PC2700 RAM
> or
> b) Asus A7M266-D, dual Athlon MP1900+'s, PC2100 RAM
> I wouldn't really be using this box for many demanding applications 
> other than gaming. just the occasional compile really.
> Do you guys consider there's any merit in SMP over single CPU for gaming ?
> Appologies in advance if you consider this off topic, I guess it's 
> slightly on / slightly off.  But I know you are good people to ask.
> Many thanks.
> -Nick.
> PS.  Thanks to Ryan and others for the great game port and very 
> informative postings.  Great to see people catering for linux gamers and 
> doing a superb job of it.
> Back to fighting with wine to get my mic working with HalfLife ...  (sigh)

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