[ut2003io] Trouble starting server..

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Fri Sep 20 22:46:50 EDT 2002

> Is it really worth including them even for a minimal performance hit? It 
> would seem to me that you would be hard-pressed to run a server even on 
> the most powerful original Pentium. I'd be happy to be proven wrong if 
> it indeed is possible.

If you've got a K6-3 hooked up to a LAN and you want to play against 
three or four friends, it can probably swing it. I wouldn't even hold my 
breath for an 8 person server, but that's purely speculation.

Since the demo was released, I've gotten several bug reports from 
pre-Pentium Pro owners...more than I got bug reports for misconfigured 
OpenGL setups (which _IS_ significant)...one of them was trying to run 
the client (which isn't going to be reasonable), and the rest were all 
server admins.

If the performance hit is negligible, I don't see why they shouldn't be 
helped out. If nothing else, I might put them out there as "please don't 
talk to me if this doesn't work" replacement binaries (Engine.so and 
ucc-bin are all that change).


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