Joystick question.

Eric Lathrop eslathro at
Fri Sep 20 22:23:02 EDT 2002

Just wanted to let you know that I got my usb joystick working.
It's a gravis xterminator dual control and all 5 axes, 9 buttons, and hat
switch were detected fine. After editing the User.ini I got all my buttons
set up (haven't tested the throttle though).

Every once in a while the controls (strafe/forward/backward) sporadically
dodges, and it's hard to get it to dodge when I want it to. I also can't
get it to use the adrenaline things (Up, Up, Up, Up for speed). I have
strafe and forward/backward set up on the R/U axes.

Also when I have DeadZone set to anything besides 0 the axis is

I know the joystick support isn't supposed to be fully implemented yet,
but you guys have any suggestions?

  --Eric Lathrop

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