[ut2003io] CPU Performance (was: Color depth)

elmuerte at el-muerte.student.utwente.nl elmuerte at el-muerte.student.utwente.nl
Thu Sep 19 19:18:50 EDT 2002

On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 06:17:33PM -0500, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> Jamie Harrell wrote:
> >Actually, for the same cost that you can get a GF3Ti200 you can get a 
> >GF4TI4200, and you'll enjoy it a lot more (especially if you get the
> >128meg model).
> >
> >Plan ahead a bit with that, and then if he upgrades his cpu and ram,
> >then the card will be ready and waiting for all those extra pipes.
> Good call. I haven't checked prices since I got my stuff in February. 
> It's pretty amazing how quickly things drop--especially when newer stuff 
> is on the way.

yeah but the thing is, you still need to have the money

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