[ut2003io] Odd solution

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Thu Sep 19 11:16:12 EDT 2002

scratch wrote:

> So I scanned forums and newsgroups and came up with mostly the usual video
> fixes and tweaks, and was fairly assured none would work.  Then I noticed
> one small post on some usenet group, where someone with similar problems
> mentioned that *disabling* hardware sound helped him out.  Against all
> logic, I tried this.  Boom.  Double my frame rate.  Suddenly this game is
> playable.
> Isn't the whole concept of hardware sound to *remove* the load on the
> processor?  Why did this work?

It was the same way in UT. Hardware sound beat my old system to death. 
I'm going to have to reboot to Windows (*gasp!*) and try that.


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