[ut2003io] General questions...

HbG hbg at game2xs.com
Thu Sep 19 09:20:32 EDT 2002

19-9-2002 6:57:47, Adam Luchjenbroers <adam at luchjenbroers.com> wrote:

>> There is no third party ut2k3 anti-cheat software yet.
>Has there been any third party cheats yet though?
>If there has, Lynch the b*stard who wrote it, he is obviously too fast a 
>cheat-maker to be permitted to live

There are cheats for sure, rumors are at least 4 (patched exe, and 
recompiles of DB's very own funbot), have not been able to get hold of 
any solid proof. Have seen suspicious rifle work at our servers but 
nothing that can only be a bot. They're not being spread so far, but 
that is bound to happen some time.

Source of this is cheatspeak.

- HbG

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