[ut2003io] CPU Performance (was: Color depth)

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Thu Sep 19 06:31:11 EDT 2002


On Mittwoch September 18 2002 23:10, Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> Thank you all. :)
> Unfortunatly 16 bit did only increase the benchmark result by 0.02 FPS.

16bpp does not make any difference on a Geforce TI 4x00, maybe for VERY high 
resolutions but not for things like 1024x768 :)

> Are there any plans to add more performance options for "low" CPU's for
> the final game? Like reduced polycount models, less effects, low quality

One problem is the OpenGL renderer, I installed the Demo on my Windoze XP and 
it's quite playable whereas on Linux it's totally unplayable because it drops 
under 15 fps all the time in a war.
I tried the OpenGL-renderer on windows as well and tadaahhh, suddenly it's as 
slow as playing under linux.
It looks like the OpenGL-renderer needs a lot more work to play nicely on 
low-cpu machines.

> currently the bad FPS make it a far less enjoyable experience (for
> example I play without sound because this helps a lot).

Another point, OpenAL eats too much CPU, that's not really the fault of Ryan 
though. Time for the OpenAL devels to wake up and finally make it usable 
(also go and wake up the Creative-l00sers that still haven't got 3D-Sound, I 
want that :P) :)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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