ut2003 1080c linux patch.

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Wed Sep 18 23:16:13 EDT 2002

Ok, let's try this again. This should fix the last problems Linux server 
admins are having.

Quick and dirty fix: download (AS A BINARY FILE):


And replace the one in the System directory. Doing so will screw up 
future updates, since the updater will panic when it sees the wrong 
checksum on this file. The sanity-checking way to fix this is to:

   1) Back up your .INI files if you are using -nohomedir
   2) run /where/i/installed/ut2003_demo/uninstall
   3) Make sure /where/i/installed/ut2003_demo was fully removed.
   4) Reinstall the original Linux demo.

Then, X11 users should run:

Non-X11 admins can do:
    /where/i/reinstalled/ut2003_demo/updater/update --product_name 

(that's all one line, if it breaks up).

Those that want to apply the patch manually can just download:

...and run it directly. It's a small download; 300k or so.

And the auto-updater will make everything correct. It will regrab the 
patches that you need to be up-to-date.

David: please grab the new files from 
http://unreal.epicgames.com/linux/ut2003/ for mirroring. 
unreal.epicgames.com is hosting this right now (since it's a tiny 
download), but the sooner others mirror this, the better.

New patch's md5sum:
ce804eba1dbef3ff10d32e606500ca9d  ut2003lnx_demo1080c.sh.bin

If anyone wants to be a mirror in the Linux autoupdater system, please 
email me directly. Thanks.


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