Memory Problem?

bus_error bus_error at
Thu Sep 19 00:43:59 EDT 2002

I've been watching our 4 demo servers over the past couple of days and with
the exception of the CTF servers they all seem to get a bit fat over time.

Snippet from top ...

266 mnichols  17   0 71764  70M  5956 R    28.0  6.9  63:58 ucc-bin
252 hiryuu    17   0  140M 140M  5948 S    27.8 13.9  82:03 ucc-bin

As an example - these 2 servers, running on the same machine from the same
cloned distribution.  One is a 20 player TDM and the other is a 14 player
CTF.  The TDM server starts out at about the same size as the CTF server,
but after about 24 hours, it's ballooned up to about twice it's original

Just an oddity - it's still in demo, so if it's leaking or has an allocation
problem, it's far from the end of the world.

This was true on 1077 and seems to still be the case with 1080.


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