[ut2003io] CPU Performance (was: Color depth)

Michael leahcim at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 18 21:24:59 EDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 11:10:58PM +0200, Daniel Borgmann wrote:
> Thank you all. :)
> Unfortunatly 16 bit did only increase the benchmark result by 0.02 FPS. 

Bear in mind that the benchmark uses highest detail settings, not the
settings you've tweaked. Which, if I understand the readme makes tweak /
benchmark / tweak / benchmark something you can't use it for. 

I basically have been starting the game something like

utdemo_2003 <mapname>?spectatoronly=true?numbots=x

and doing 'stat fps' in the console, to get a better idea of what tweaks
achieve. Changing 'x' above has a big impact on performance.

> Today I also found out that after a lot of tweakage I get only 2 FPS
> more than my father. This is kinda sad because his system is a 1000 Mhz
> Athlon with a Geforce 2 PRO and my system is a 1000 Mhz P3 (clocked at
> 1080) and a Geforce 4 Ti4600 which I spent 500 bucks for. :/ 

Too late now, but there was little point adding a ti4600 / Radeon 9700 or
whatever comes out in the future to a machine with a 1ghz PIII. You have
to match the system to the graphics card.

For example, I've got an xp2000, but it's on a kt133a chipset, not a
newer ddr system. I suspect I would get much better performance just
with new mobo + ram, probably more than if I replaced the ti4200 with a

You'd have been better buying new mobo + processor + ram + ti4200 -
possibly for not much more than the ti4600 cost.


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