[ut2003io] Linux patch.

Warren Woodward warrenw at xmission.com
Wed Sep 18 12:01:55 EDT 2002

On Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 04:27:18AM -0400, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> Don't use the updater; just download the patch directly.
> --ryan.

Well....  hm.  I, too, ran the updater, and while all seemed to patch 
appropriately, I now get the "Connection Corrupted" error when I try to 
connect with my patched Windows client.  The one thing I can think of that 
I did wrong was that in my early morning first-cup-of-coffee patching, I 
forgot to take the server down first.  Could this have caused mass 
problems?  I took it offline, and tried to patch it manually a second 
time.. but now I get "ERROR: No matching delta for 
/home/system/ut2003_demo/README.linux".  Which seems an odd error.  

I'll try rerunning the setup from scratch and patching then.  There's no 
damage in leaving the .ut2003 dir in place to save the configs, is there?


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