Linux patch.

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Wed Sep 18 04:16:07 EDT 2002

Now, really this time.

It's going to mirrors, but as a test, I've got the auto-updater working.

To update:


If you don't have X11, you can still do it with:

/where/i/installed/ut2003_demo/updater/update --product_name ut2003_demo

(I'll put the "--product_name" thing in the script for the full game.)

(Or you can download:
...and run it like you did the original installer).

Thank you to David Hedbor for baring the blunt of this test. If you want 
to take some load off him by hosting a mirror, send me an email. 
Basically the updater will go through each mirror until it finds a 
download. If a user doesn't like the download speed, there's a "switch 
mirror" button, but the first ones in the list get the most hits, so 
please tell me how much load you can swallow ( know what I mean).

So, mirrors:

   - Download
   - Put the file in a directory by itself ("ut2k3" works)
   - Send me that directory's URL so I can put it in the autoupdate list.

This also helps if I screw up the patch again, because we skip the chain 
of mirror propagation from Infogrames.  :)

Good luck!


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