UT2003 linux demo patch changelog

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Tue Sep 17 19:19:42 EDT 2002

Here's the list of things that are applicable to the Linux demo patch:

- Fixed initial framerate hitches in network play.
- Fixed the jittery screen updates in the server browser when sorting by 
- Fixed a possible DoS attack in the server code.
- Fixed a few other minor potential crashes.
- Benchmarking shell scripts are now supplied.
- Dirs that need to exist in $HOME/.ut2003 are created as needed (fixes 
- Fixed window centering to better support Xinerama displays.
- Much enchanged FAQ in the README.linux file.
- Fixed bug with logfile creation (may be win32 specific; not sure).
- If "xterm" is in your $PATH, launching a dedicated server from the 
client's "host a game" menus will use it. This fixes the problem of 
originally running the client from an icon and losing the dedicated 
server's console output to the ether.
- probably other stuff.

I don't know if this has hit the mirrors; has anyone seen it yet?


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