[ut2003io] Linux Server Problem - Admin Interface

Tanis tanis at mojo-madness.co.uk
Mon Sep 16 19:34:58 EDT 2002

Despite my best efforts I cannot get this admin interface to run. The server
runs fine but the interface will not come up. I have copied the Default.ini
file to one onf my own (tanis.ini) and added the ini=tanis.ini to my startup
line, but I get nothing. Is there someone out there that has gotten theirs
working that they could show in an email so I can check that I haven't
missed editing something somewhere, please? This is driving me mad!!!


p.s. In one of the guides I noticed it saying that you can't get the
interface working from the commandline - I edited (after copying first) the
RunServer.bat file - how do you then start the server? And can someone
verify where in the ini file where the necessary edits go for accessing the

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