[ut2003io] sound performance

Michi hcat at gmx.net
Mon Sep 16 11:40:56 EDT 2002

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
>> sound performance seems to be a real showstopper, at least for
>> me. after playing around with ~./.openal and SDL_AUDIODRIVER
>> i got the sound to play right i think but the performance is
>> very bad. compared to a test with "-nosound -nomusic" i don't
>> even get half the FPS! is a 60% FPS drop normal when using sound?
> What SDL audio target?

ALSA. it's the only one working for me. i'm using the latest alsa
drivers for my SBLive! but will try Creativ's open source drivers
when I get some time... i've already compiled SDL & OpenAL from CVS,
same results with those. great game anyway! ;-)


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