low performance

Felix Maibaum f.maibaum at web.de
Mon Sep 16 08:33:04 EDT 2002

I just joined the list, and I am sorry if anyone posted this before (as I 
suppose someone must have), but I have the impression that this game should 
run faster on my machine.

Here is the situation:

I have a dual AMD 1700+, with 512M of RAM and Geforce2 Pro.

I get the following Results with 1024x768x32, and all the details on the 
second highest setting:

dm-antalus?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart=true -benchmark 
-seconds=77 -exec=../Benchmark/Stuff/botmatchexec.txt %1

8.308814 / 22.481831 / 43.528187 fps         rand[1440398348]
Score = 22.487293

This doesn't seem much. 
We tested the game with my video-card in a friend's machine, that's a single 
XP1800+ with SDRAM, in WinXP, and it seemed to run quite a bit faster.
I don't have the numbers now, but I will dig them up soon.

What are your experiences? are these numbers normal (in windows/linux), and if 
not, what might be the reason?
and if the speed difference between linux and windows is for real, then what 
might be the reason for that?

A curious


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