[ut2003io] Is this list archived?

Michael leahcim at ntlworld.com
Sun Sep 15 18:21:01 EDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 04:38:10PM -0500, Matthew Arnold wrote:
> I added -nosound to the botmatch-citadel file right before the %1 to
> test that theory on my box. The -nosound results were virtually the same
> as the ones with sound. At 1024x768x32 I got 25.28 fps without sound and 
> 25.21 fps with it. This is with a SoundBlaster Audigy and the latest 
> released open-source drivers in Red Hat 7.3.
> When I dropped to 800x600x32 the difference was slightly more 
> pronounced: 32.56 fps with sound and 34.72 without. Still, that doesn't 
> even come close to making up the difference between Linux with OpenGL 
> and Windows with Direct3D.

Sure, I meant on my system, rather than in general...I suspect given
your 25fps (I get about 41fps in botmatch in windows) and the  fact
you're running at 1024x768 show that your configuration probably does
hit a graphics bottleneck at 1024x768 first, but also that we have very
different subjective views about what performance is "enough" :o) I
think my system is too slow for the game at the moment (windows or
linux), even at 800x600 (that's without taking into account the fps drop
I expect to get when playing online)

I get about (botmatch-asbestos)

41fps -nosound
32fps whatever sound it uses by default
34fps with SDL_AUDIODRIVER unset
34fps with SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa
36fps with SDL_AUDIODRIVER=dma

But the relative closeness of 41 and 32 doesn't do justice to the
difference in feel, it is subjective, but there's enough jerkiness to
make it distracting, for me.

On flyby the difference is more marked, 76fps in linux, and 137fps in
windows  difference than my initial message suggested, though the
reverse is true here, even though the numbers look massively different,
you wouldn't notice it watching the flyby as it plays smoothly on both.

Again though, fiddling with graphic-y knobs and dials shows little
difference, which suggests that they are either all for show ;) or the
bottleneck when not running flyby isn't purely graphics card / driver

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