[ut2003io] Is this list archived?

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sun Sep 15 15:18:46 EDT 2002

> Since I can't do that ATM, I'll post my two questions here.
> *) I've noticed the Windows version has a benchmarking mode, is such a mode 
> present in the Linux version and if so, how do I enable it?
> *) Is it possible to set up some form of web-based statistics system 
> (preferably integrated into a site hosted on the same machine) that works 
> with the UT2k3 dedicated server?

I'm leaving for Atlanta for a day, so I hope other people will jump in 
and help if they haven't already.

1) Yes. Look at the (win32) batch files in the Benchmark directory for 
command line examples. Be sure to "mkdir -p 
$HOME/.ut2003/Benchmark/Results" first.

2) There's the global stats tracker, but I dunno if we enabled it for 
the demo or not.


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