initial hull is narrow

Bernd Dau Bernd at
Sun Sep 15 13:43:41 EDT 2002

Hi list!
does anybody knows what that means?
qhull precision warning: 
The initial hull is narrow (the cosine of the minimum angle is
A coplanar point may lead to a wide facet.  Options 'Qs' (search for
initial hull), 'QbB' (scale to unit box), or 'Qbb' (scale last
may remove this warning.  Use 'Pp' to ignore this warning.
See 'Limitations' in qh-impre.htm.

The  qh-impre.htm isn't in the demo is it?

By the way: the guys specially Ryan have done very well.
The Game runs very well 

My System: 
Mandrake 8.2 Athlon 1800+ Nvidia Gforce 2 MX

solong Bernd 

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