sound problems

slice slice at
Sun Sep 15 08:04:07 EDT 2002

okey, this question has probably been asked before, but I can't figure it out.
In the beginning I only had these ugly clicking noises when starting ut2003. 
So I read the readme file. It said I should make an .openalrc file (or 
something like that) and put something in it. I did that. Now I had sound, but 
it was stuttering and lagging like hell. I read more in the readme and it said 
I should replace the openal libraries with the CVS ones. I've done that and 
still no go. Just the same stuttering. I've also downloaded SDL, SDL_audio and 
SDL_mixer from CVS without it helping anything at all.

anyone got any ideas ?

I played this game for half an hour or so without sound, and even that was 
fun... So I guess that it's even better if I can solve this problem :)

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