Linux Client Connection difficulties

Colin Rose rose.colin at
Sat Sep 14 22:59:02 EDT 2002

I have once succesfully connected to an online game today

Sometimes it just hangs on a black screen after I click join or it can have 
the UT2003_<whatever> message in center of screen. It will remain like this 
for 30 minutes (max time I tested it( and the cable modem snd/rx lights go 
crazy with no HDD accesses happening. When I eventually hit esc and then exit 
the game the console window I started the demo from is filled with the 
following message repeated over and over again.

RecvFrom returned SOCKET_ERROR 111

Sometimes when connecting to passworded servers if the above error isnt 
happening I get to the point where I enter the password and hit retry and 
then it just appears to loop back to the very start where the nVidia logo 
appear and the guy bashes through it and then I am back at the main menu. 
When this occurs if I exit the game I am not returned to a console prompt but 
need to manually kill the process as it hasn't exited correctly.

Please advise I had a great time the one time it connected

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