Music and Benchmarks

Matthew Arnold marnold at
Sat Sep 14 12:31:57 EDT 2002

Please forgive me if this has been posted already . . .

The only problem I've found with the demo is that I can't control the 
volume of the music. I can control the volume of the other sounds just 
fine. A minor annoyance.

Has anybody gotten benchmarking to work? I edited the 
botmatch-citadel.bat so that it contains this:

../ut2003_demo ctf-citadel?spectatoronly=true?numbots=12?quickstart=true 
-benchmark -seconds=77 -exec=../Benchmark/Stuff/botmatchexec.txt %1

The benchmark will run, but it won't write the results in the Results 
directory, despite the fact that I made it world-writable. Thoughts?

All told, I'm extremely pleased with how well the Linux client works. 
Kudos, icculus, you've outdone yourself!


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