[ut2003io] SOCKET_ERROR 111

scratch scratch at xmission.com
Thu Oct 31 15:41:11 EST 2002

I think these are innocuous.  I get the same in my consoles, but both
servers are reporting in Game Spy as well as the master browser (I also see
116).  I followed this same reasoning for some time when I was having
problems getting one of the servers to show up in the master browser, but I
repaired this issue by using the default port on *neither* server.  One is
currently running on 8888, and the other on 9999 (utterly random, quickly
chosen for simplicity's sake).  However, if I change the port on either of
those back to the default, that server stops showing up.


But again, now both servers on the same machine are properly reporting and
registering stats, and I still see this behavior in the console.

Utah Freakshow!

ps.  multiple servers on the same machine failing to report under 2136 has
been a topic this morning on Epic UTServers domo list.  It seems more and
more people are now experiencing the same problem I've been having since

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Subject: [ut2003io] SOCKET_ERROR 111

> Does anyone recall what Flag you set in the server.ini
> file to suppress or get rid of this error?
> RecvFrom returned SOCKET_ERROR 111
> or 113
> Also, I have 2 servers, both patched to 2136. One sends
> a regular heartbeat to GameSpy:
> Sending GameSpy heartbeat: \heartbeat\7787\gamename\ut2
> and does not show the Socket error, and the other does
> not seem to send a heartbeat, and basically prints the
> socket error at the heartbeat frequency instead. Ideas?
> I checked bugzilla for SOCKET_ERROR but came up empty.
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