retail CD Linux tarballs...

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Wed Oct 30 14:22:25 EST 2002

Here's a tarball for the 3-disc retail version. Same deal applies: it 
will definitely break autoupdating, should be able to apply to any 
patchlevel from the original discs to 2126, completely untested, 

This patches both the client and server at the same time, so long as it 
is the GNU/Linux version and it came from the 3 disc set.

ONLY apply this if the autoupdater gives you grief. It overwrites files 
in the install dir (including .ini and .md5 files) with extreme prejudice.

0e3cfebd3be5dabc52c249ef52e04d97  ut2003lnxfull_2107to2136.tar.bz2

Everyone give a hand and mirror this...they got a lot 
heavier mirroring burden then they signed up for since these tarballs 
showed up. I'm uploading to now, too.


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