Tarball Linux patch:

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Wed Oct 30 13:04:04 EST 2002

For admins having trouble with the autoupdater (that would be...all of 
you. *sigh*), you can use this instead:


  (This will be up on unreal.epicgames.com as quickly as I can FTP it.)

This can be untarred over any version of the dedicated-only install, 
since it contains all the files that changed between 2107 and 2136. It 
just overwrites files with updated ones. This will overwrite 
Default.ini, DefUser.ini, and Packages.md5!

This will NOT work with the retail disc version (either client or 
server!), and it will break future autoupdates for that install (but if 
they weren't broken already, why would you need this?).

63c4514e586945918e68151c2b0c4388  ut2003lnxded_2107to2136.tar.bz2

Sorry for all the pain and suffering. I don't feel my day is complete 
until I've messed up at least one official release.  :)


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