Linux 2136 patch (really, this time).

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Wed Oct 30 12:23:38 EST 2002

It's in the autoupdater. It's about 1.8 megs, give or take.

If you don't want to use the autoupdater, here's a quick HOWTO:

1) Get the file(s) you need. The autoupdater does this for you.
2) YOU MUST APPLY EVERY PATCH UP TO 2136 FIRST. The autoupdater does 
this for you.

Manual downloads for retail discs (client and server):

Manual downloads for freely-downloadable dedicated server version:

Thanks to for jumping to mirror on short notice, and 
thanks to the rest of you who waited up all night for this (you know who 
you are).

If you'd like to mirror for the autoupdater (and you're name isn't in 
the updates.txt file already), please drop me a line.


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