Linux patch is here!

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at
Sat Oct 26 06:00:27 EDT 2002 it is, almost completely untested!

Either fire up the autoupdater or grab:

  Dedicated server only:

  Retail discs (client and server):

  Changelog which applies to both server-only and retail:

And run that as the user you installed the game as.

PLEASE NOTE that this will have problems if you edited your Default.ini 
or DefUser.ini files (which you shouldn't have done anyhow.  :)  ). 
Either copy those files back from the original install, or do a clean 

PLEASE NOTE that you will need to update your your .INI files as Steve 
Polge mentioned previously on the list. The easiest way to do this is to 
just nuke what you've got and let the game recreate a UT2003.ini file 
for you based on the updated Default.ini files, but you admins are 
clever; you'll figure it out. Most clients can just nuke the 
$HOME/.ut2003 dir.

PLEASE NOTE that this is still considered beta software, unless it works 
really well, in which case it will be the official release.

PLEASE NOTE that bugs for the Linux version should be reported to, where the entire burden of ignoring your 
bug reports lays on the shoulders of the Linux devteam. If you report 
them to Infogrames or Epic, it will take much longer for your bug report 
to get officially ignored.


Each patch is only five megabytes or so, but moving the bandwidth burden 
off Epic ASAP is greatly appreciated. Please grab all three files for a 
given patch:


And announce your mirror here, so we can abuse your phat pipes.

If you want to be part of the autoupdate system, please drop me a line 
personally. If you dropped me a line personally in the past and want it 
undropped, let me know, too. The current list of people mirroring some 
patch or another is in the updates.txt file:

Stick it in the camel and go.


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