suggestion for posible smp improvement

Felix Maibaum f.maibaum at
Wed Oct 23 11:03:18 EDT 2002

Hi to all and the Epic programmers especially.

I'm running UT on my dual AMD 1600+ and I was thinking if it would be possible 
to get the server and bot AI as extra threads. I think that would help a lot 
in the single player games an with the non-dedicated server at least.
I would think that this is a change that should not involve too much of new 
programming (always hoping the game is modular enough for this to be done) 
and give a nice speedboost on current SMP and future hyperthreading machines.

I tried running a dedicated server and a client at the same time, and while it 
certainly used more of the second CPU it actually got slower. I would think 
this is because of the client and server both loading the game into memory 
and then competing for bandwidth. Also the communication via the IP stack is 
probably not as efficient as the internal one can be.
so if one could get the server and client to use the same memory one should be 
able to play as fast as on the client alone while still having a server full 
of players and bots.
Is this possible at all?


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