[ut2003io] Performance under Linux

Pascal Lalonde plalonde at overnet.qc.ca
Sun Oct 20 16:55:37 EDT 2002

I just did a few tests again, and I noticed something strange.
I tried the antalus-flyby benchmark, as always with the generated
UT2003.ini. Here are hte results I got:

Linux OpenGL
10.829952 / 16.560066 / 39.988850 fps         rand[1043303418]
Score = 16.566875

27.009920 / 45.303852 / 143.390854 fps         rand[21984]
Score = 45.331013

WinXP OpenGL
8.377466 / 14.756573 / 187.163055 fps           rand[21984]
Score = 14.762143

The OpenGL results are comparable under both Windows and Linux. D3D runs
much faster. I noticed that the default graphic settings for D3D and
OpenGL are not the same. Could this be a reason? Though I didn't get a
much higher performance on Linux by lowering everything to the minimum.

I'm wondering if it's not just my system who dislikes OpenGL. I guess
kicking on the side a few times should push some sense into it :)

Have anyone had trouble with OpenGL/NVidia on Linux?

Pascal Lalonde

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