[ut2003io] Three little things.. =)

David Hedbor david at hedbor.org
Fri Oct 18 14:08:36 EDT 2002

Spadge Fromley <spadge at fromley.net> writes:

> At 14:29 18/10/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>> Third, I have a Intellimouse Explorer mouse with two thumbbuttons
>> and I was wondering if there's support for more than 3 buttons in
>> UT2k3?
> I can answer this one.

Obviously not...

> Map the mouse side buttons to the keys you want to use in UT2003,
> using the intellipoint software that allows you to specify button
> function by application.

This is a Linux list, not a Windows list. A tip for how to do it in
Windows is hardly very useful to the average Linux user.

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