pre-setting udp port

russbrown russbrown at
Mon Oct 14 20:21:53 EDT 2002

Is it posable to set the UDP port the gets registered with the master 
serverlist, eather in the .INI  file or command line in the start up.

I'm Trying to run a server behind a Coyote router and when it posts on 
the master server list it has the wrong UDP port.It is a random port 
ever time i restart the server.

My question is . Is it posable to set it like  you can with the ip. to 
force the master server to report the proper udp port ??


sorry if this seem lame but I've check around and found nothing. I've 
talk with my linux buddy's and they tell me that i'd have to redirect 
the port. and eveeery time i restart the game change what port is 
redirecting.  I've ran a UT  server on the same system  with no problem 
since the first week that UT came out.

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