[ut2003io] optimized openal.so = more speed

Matthew Arnold marnold at ez-net.com
Fri Oct 11 12:52:16 EDT 2002

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:14:35 -0500
> Matthew Arnold <marnold at EZ-NET.COM> wrote:
> # This isn't a rip on the emu10k1 Sourceforge developers who have done
> # a great job despite the difficult situation they are in. It is a rip
> # on Creative for not supporting their products. Of course, Creative
> # is not alone in their dubious support for Linux.
> You do realize that the "emu10k1 Sourceforge developers" are Creative
> right?

Not any full-time employees AFAIK. There used to be one. The fact 
remains that for all intents and purposes there is no hardware 
acceleration for the Live/Audigy in Linux.

Anyway, this is getting off-topic.

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