four channel sound output

Andreas Micklei nurgle at
Wed Oct 9 17:32:56 EDT 2002


I am new to this list and have not found any archives, so be gentle with
me if this question has been asked before.

I tried the demo of ut2003 (will buy the game next week) and I am really
amazed. Yet one thing I would like to see is 4 channel sound. I have
bought a Sound Blaster Audigy and appropriate speakers last week, so I
would like to use these. I already pulled OpenAL from CVS and have just
read the mail about gaining performance by replacing the supplied OpenAL
with an optimized version (which I will do).

Has anybody succeeded in getting surround sound to work with ut2003 and
a self compiled OpenAL? What do I need to enable? Btw. I have installed
both the sourceforge emu10k1 and the ALSA driver (using ALSA currently).

Totally unrelated topic: Is there a good site with ut2003 benchmark
collections on different hardware? For example I would like to know if
upgrading a Geforce2 to a Geforce4 is worthwhile with the current linux
drivers and its functions ut2003 actually uses or if a new processor is

Andreas Micklei

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