[ut2003io] Local Stats

ken3nuts ken3nuts at theshades.org.uk
Mon Oct 7 11:12:29 EDT 2002

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From: "Ryan C. Gordon" <ryan at epicgames.com>
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> > That stinks !!!
> >
> > Why can't they just put the info in the logfiles, so we can deal with
> > own stats ?
> >
> > Not happy !!!
> This is what the aestats thing is. aestats runs on your system, so we'll
> be outputting this information somewhere it can read it (which means
> that you can write a perl script or whatever to parse it if you have
> your own solution in mind).
> --ryan.

I had a solution already, for UT, which parsed the NGStats logs, and dumped
them into MySQL. It made reporting dead easy. If this will do the same
thing, then fine. When and where do I get hold of this AEstats thing ?


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