Ok, I lied: LINUX PATCH.

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Sun Oct 6 17:45:09 EDT 2002

There's a minor Linux patch for the dedicated-server-only version. This 
addresses a crashbug some admins see on startup (and makes the server 
report itself as 2107 instead of 2106). All Linux admins that are using 
the freely downloadable dedicated server version should update immediately.

I also made a minor patch to the autoupdater script. There are no other 
bugfixes in this patch, and it has nothing to do with the win32 
codebase, so there isn't a matching Windows patch...you win32 admins 
dodged the bullet this time.  :)

To summarize, you DO NOT need this patch if:
    - You are a Windows server admin.
    - You are running a dedicated server installed from the full version 
(the 3 disc retail set).

You can get it by going like this:


Text-based admins without X11 might have to do this (all on one line):

--noselfcheck ut2003_dedicated

Those that are allergic to autoupdaters can pull down the patch from:

(That's about 2 megs of downloading.)

PLEASE MIRROR THIS FILE. If you want to be part of the autoupdater's 
mirror system, please drop me a line and I'll add your server.


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