[ut2003io] Linux installer HOWTO.

Deaths_Ride deathsride at kmts.ca
Fri Oct 4 20:41:00 EDT 2002

hehe...sorry, didn't wait long enuff for a reply on that one

On Fri, 2002-10-04 at 19:32, Ryan C. Gordon wrote:
> Deaths_Ride wrote:
> > Ok...going much faster now...
> > ok...regarding the cd key...(commercial)
> > is the installer going to ask me for a cd key, or do I manually input
> > that like I did with the dedicated server?
> It'll pop up a window at the end of the install. You will enter the CD 
> key there.
> If this gets messed for some reason, just do this:
> echo "XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX" > /where/i/installed/ut2003/System/cdkey
> (obviously, replace the path and use your real CD key.)
> --ryan.

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