Dedicated Server: Installation takes hours

ut2003srv at ut2003srv at
Fri Oct 4 15:55:57 EDT 2002

Hi folks,

I'm sitting here since hours while the installer install things. I do not
have physical access to the server, I work with a SSH connection via ISDN.

First I thought that the linux server is so slow, but in the meantime I've
found the reason: the install program generates enormous amounts of screen
output, wich slows down the installation if you have a slow connection to your
terminal. My current screen looks like:

 100% - /opt/games/ut2003/StaticMeshes/cf_DE.usx
 100% - /opt/games/ut2003/StaticMeshes/cf_sm01.usx
 100% - /opt/games/ut2003/StaticMeshes/cf_sm02.usx
  24% - /opt/games/ut2003/StaticMeshes/Citadel_Static.usx

The last line (where the server is working on) gets at a high rate repeated.
At this point of the installation 73MB data went over my poor isdn line,
nothing else than screen output data. 

Maybe the developer can change this in the next version, it's really
annoying. I'm waiting for 3 hours now. Hopefully it will not take 3 more hours...

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