[ut2003servers] UT2003 dedicated server

Ryan C. Gordon ryan at epicgames.com
Fri Oct 4 00:45:22 EDT 2002

> Is there an faq or web based instructions on getting a server going
> using the Linux ded server???

1) Download AS A BINARY FILE.
2) Unzip. It should produce a "ut2003lnxded.sh.bin" file.
3) Run "sh ./ut2003lnxded.sh.bin" ... this will bring up an GUI 
installer (but it falls back to a text-based installer for those of you 
installing the thing from across town over a telnet/ssh connection, so 
don't worry).
4) Get a CD key from:

The cdkey file that will be emailed to you should be put in 

After this, it works like the dedicated server from the demo or retail 
CD. You use "ucc", edit your .INI files, etc.

To autoupdate the server with later patches, you run:

To uninstall the server, you run:


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