[ut2003io] Connection rejected in ded server

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Tue Oct 1 00:08:36 EDT 2002

I can connect to the server (via the lan), but it
does not show up in the server list....

open deathcon.com

should connect you. Can anyone hit it from outside?
hmmm... now that I exited, I get auth rejected on
the windows client also... Maybe client and server
cannot use the same key :-)

Got Slack? - Steve

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Steve Pirk wrote:

> I am getting a connection to master server rejected,
> check your cd key message when I start a dedicated server.
> Any ideas? I entered the cd key in the text file both
> with and without hyphens.
> --
> Got Slack? - Steve

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